Michael A. Kubiniec D.D.S.

Patient Testimonials

Patients share their experiences from dental emergencies to new crowns. Long-time patients share what it means to be part of our family.

Patient Testimonials

Amazing patient care is what keeps us all coming back!
— Dianne Shaw Janish
Dr. Kubiniec saw me immediately after I started having dry socket problems... The dental work, care, and concern that he and Sharon gave early Monday morning were exactly what I needed after a weekend in pain.
— Aimee Nelson

Like Family

Sharon got me a blanket and pillow... and let me nap while I was sitting and waiting for my crown. Now how many places would do that?
— Shannon Coniber

Long Time Patients

I have been a patient of Dr. Kubiniec since he started his practice, and I previously was a patient of his father. All of my 4 children were also patients of Dr. Kuniniec. I never had a problem getting my children to go in to see Dr. Kubiniec or his team; and my children are all taking care of their teeth to this day. I had seen other dentists before I moved to Batavia. None of them had ever come close to having the expertise or compassion of either Drs. Kubiniec and their teams. I hope to have Dr. Kubiniec as my dentist for the rest of my life.
— Elizabeth McLean

Dental Emergencies

I had a root canal and it was New Year’s Eve… I was in terrible pain, worse than child birth! [Sharon] said, “Ok, come right in!” … Going through that long weekend, through that pain, I don’t know what would have happened.
— Wendy Daniszewski

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