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Gum Disease Treatment

At Michael A. Kubiniec, D.D.S., we diagnose gum disease (or periodontal disease) using digital X-Rays to give you the best treatment.

Gum Disease

About Gum Disease

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a very common condition that many people have to some degree. Our goal is to catch gum disease in its earliest stage, gingivitis. When we can do this, the condition can be reversed quite easily through routine at-home and professional care. Without regular dental check-ups and care, gum disease can advance with very few symptoms, threatening the entire oral structure. The infection and inflammation that results from bacterial activity weakens the supporting structures of teeth, resulting in their eventual loss if not corrected.

Some of the ways we deal with advancing gum disease include:

  • Root planing and scaling is a gentle procedure for the removal of all toxic bacteria in tartar and plaque. Scaling treats the full length of the root surface when gum disease has progressed and is threatening connective tissue and bone.
  • Periodontal maintenance programs are devised for patients who have undergone treatment for periodontal disease. Since this condition cannot be reversed once it has advanced beyond gingivitis, ongoing maintenance is required for optimal oral health. Usually this includes four visits per year for professional cleaning that requires extra attention and time.

We take digital x-rays of our patients regularly to identify issues that may be lurking below the surface of the teeth. In addition to fluoride toothpaste, fluoride treatments may also be recommended for patients who are prone to tooth decay. We recommend regular dental cleanings every six months to keep oral decay from damaging teeth and gums.