Michael A. Kubiniec D.D.S.


Michael A. Kubiniec, D.D.S. explains his process for creating a dental tooth implant right in our Batavia office.


About Implants

Dental implants act as an artificial root system rather than just a tooth-replacement. If a tooth is not replaced, the remaining teeth will begin to shift into the empty space. Bacteria will have more opportunity to weaken oral structures with the extra space to hide and grow. Replacing a lost tooth can be done in a few ways, with the only permanent solution being a dental implant.

The process for receiving dental implants takes place in a few phases. First, the patient is fitted with a titanium implant around which, healthy bone tissue will gradually grow, firmly holding it into place as a new root system. This process takes a few months, as the bone grows rather slowly. At a return appointment, an abutment is placed onto the implant post. The final appointment includes the placement of the permanent dental crown.

With dental implants, function is returned to its most natural state. It is just like a whole new tooth, with no special care instructions and no drilling of neighboring teeth.