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Wisdom Teeth Extractions - Photo Walkthrough


Need to remove your wisdom teeth? Using Galileos 3D X-Rays, we get a full look at your mouth to perform wisdom teeth extractions. Learn more.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

by Michael A. Kubiniec, D.D.S.

A Photo Story Walkthrough*

*Anonymous patient x-rays taken by Michael A. Kubiniec, D.D.S.


Know Your Roots

Know Your Roots

In an average case, Dr. Mike removes a wisdom tooth before there is any damage to the nerves running below the tooth. In image #5 (above), the nerve bundle travels through the jaw under the roots of these teeth.

Early Removal Is Best

Early Removal Is Best

Dentists like to remove impacted wisdom teeth when the patient is 16-29 (usually 18 or 19) years old because their short, undeveloped roots make removal of these teeth much easier. The arrows point right at the roots that have not finished growing yet. Notice how the roots are shorter than the roots of the other teeth. 

Many Varieties

Many Varieties

The blue arrows (above) show how upper wisdom teeth can be stuck up too high. The roots of these upper wisdom teeth are positioned up into the sinuses. Removal of these teeth is made easier by having good imaging beforehand so that the sinus stays undamaged.

The red arrow (above) shows an impacted lower wisdom tooth. Although it looks like it is all the way in, notice how the jaw bone curves up right on top of this tooth image. This tells us that the tooth will never fit into the mouth and will always be impossible to brush adequately.

The black arrow (above) shows a classic impacted wisdom tooth. Teeth like this should always be removed.

3D X-Rays Eliminate Surprises

3D X-Rays Eliminate Surprises

These images captured a wisdom tooth that is stuck (impacted) in the jaw. Around the top of this tooth is a hole in the bone that could be serious. 3D images from our Galileos Cone Beam Computerized Tomography system allow us (or a referred oral surgeon in some cases) to provide the best treatment without surprises.

Do your wisdom teeth need to be removed? 

Only a dentist with good images can tell you what you need to know:

1. What will happen if you leave the teeth in place.

2. What is involved in removing them.

Armed with this knowledge, every patient can make the choice that is right for them. Make an appointment today.